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Welcome to FreeDraw!

FreeDraw-PixelArt Group Icon by realrhebok
Welcome to FreeDraw-PixelArt!

This group is specially designed for pixel artists who create their own, unique art from scratch. Whether this is isometric, non-isometric, characters or landscapes, this group is to display your custom pixel art.
Please see the rules below to get started!

Fdpa 1 by realrhebok
Defining Pixel Art:

Pixel Art is defined as art made completely pixel by pixel.
No fading tools should be used, no soft brushes, no anti-aliasing - unless it was created by hand.
These restrictions allow to create pixel art in nearly any software dedicated to editing raster graphics, starting from basic MS Paint and ending with advanced software like Photoshop or GIMP. There are however softwares dedicated solely to pixel art, like GraphicsGale, GrafX2, Aseprite and many, many more.

Pixel art should draw attention to the pixels. It should be fairly obvious that the art was created using pixels. Shading can be simple, like isometric art, or old video game art, or complex, attempting to copy other art styles. However, submissions here should NOT be shaded "anime style." This style does not draw attention to the pixels in the art, and in fact, is considered lazy shading in many art circles, including pixel art circles.

A good thing to remember is...
Not all art made with pixels is considered pixel art.

Trivia - In fact, every single piece of digital art, rasterized or rendered in case of vectors and 3D respectively, is made out of pixels

Fdpa 2 by realrhebok
Defining Free Draw:

A freely drawn picture is a picture drawn completely from scratch. That means the artist drew the picture from a blank canvas. No dolls or bases, can be used, even if the base belongs to the artist.

References are perfectly acceptable, as long as they are not traced.

Exceptions to this rule are the folders: Comics, Gamedev, Ressources, Tutorials and Steps.

Fdpa 3 by realrhebok
Becoming a Member:

To become a member, simply click the "Join Group" button in the blue bar at the top of the group. All membership submissions are accepted automatically and you can submit your work to our gallery immediately!

Please see the submission rules and guidelines before submitting.

KDB2yL0DSIusVBM50jZw by realrhebok
Join us on Discord:

Fdpa 4 by realrhebok

Please note that this group is geared ONLY toward custom work. This does not mean that you cannot use references, but you cannot use exact copies of your references.

We DO NOT accept:

:bulletred: Dolls of any kind

:bulletred: Anything made from a base, even your own base.

:bulletred: Vector/"Drawn" (Not paying attention to the pixelness of pixel art)/Anime Shaded/Okeki art.

:bulletred: Anything that is not made 100% by you from scratch.

Submission Rules:

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to submit any of your own work as long as they meet the above requirements.

:bulletgreen: Please note that we do NOT accept favs. This category serves as an archive in order to highlight artwork that has marked us.

:bulletgreen: Since our group has grown, we have decided to not accept lazy work, we now only accept work that is made with effort.

:bulletgreen: It does NOT matter how "good" your pixel art is. We accept all pixel art as long as it meets the requirements and rules. If you're new to pixel art submit to the Newbie folder.

:bulletgreen: To submit your work, PLEASE go into the gallery and submit directly to the folder it belongs to. If you don't know which folder it belongs in, please contact an admin or moderator. Thank you!

Fdpa 5 by realrhebok
Gallery Folders:

:bulletblue: Animals and Creatures - living or animated beings, includes pets and monsters with minimal background, focused on the creature.

:bulletblue: Buildings and Vehicles - isolated buildings and vehicles.

:bulletblue: Comics - anything that tells a story.

:bulletblue: Gamedev - mockups, animations, assets and screens related to games.

:bulletblue: High Definition - realistic pixelart.

:bulletblue: Icons and Avatars - includes emoticons and stamps.

:bulletblue: Newbie - folder containing novice level pixel art (pillowshading, jaggies etc. go here)

:bulletblue: NSFW - everything with mature filter goes here ie. sexual or sexually suggestive art.

:bulletblue: Objects - objects, things and stuff i.e. misc.

:bulletblue: People and Characters - people and creatures with developed story behind them.

:bulletblue: Resources - pixel art related ressources for others to use ie. palettes, tilesets, bases.

:bulletblue: Scapes and Scenes - pictures with detailed background and scenes e.g. battle scenes, 2 or more characters.

:bulletblue: Tutorials and Steps - help others learn to make pixelart.

:bulletblue: Weapons and Armor - combat related objects, medieval and futuristic.

:bulletblue: Review - questionable works go here for admins to wonder if to deny or relocate.

Comments and Critiques:

FreeDraw highly encourages constructive criticism for its submissions, so if you want your art to be critiqued in order to improve, this is the place for you!

Fdpa 6 by realrhebok

Previous admins:
ThKaspar, RA-Meenan

If you have any questions, please contact:

Admin: realrhebok

Moderator: Flying-Snake

Gallery Folders

Dying Breed by paintpixelprint
/// by 6VCR
Remake of a remake of a remake of a remake by RHLPixels
Shop Bg1 by fool
Animals and Creatures - pets, monsters
Sir Barkalot by PixElthen
[EGG] dragonstalker0713 by Shalmons
HALT by RHLPixels
Buildings and Vehicles
Cascadia by purple-h-e-a-r-t
Room1 by CATGBP1990
Red Rocke by orange-magik
Fort cuuL by faxdoc
Flyin' D #5- His Wisdom and Knowledge Enlightens by RHLPixels
Flyin' D #4 - A Curious Discovery by RHLPixels
Gamedev - mockups
Mysterious Labyrint Mockup by iSohei
Mini-Fi Chess by ThKaspar
Archer Wizard Knight (pixel art) by iSohei
Little Dungeon by ThKaspar
Icons and Avatars - emoticons, stamps
[COMMISSION] Curiouscreatures by kicked-in-teeth
Bolete Mushrooms - F2U by Thystyn
Light Globe - F2U by Thystyn
Shock Horror - F2U by Thystyn
[CILK FOR GIF] Small Vampire Asshole Overlord by Crimson-Hooligan
Future Fighter Jet v 2.0 by Nyancommissar
Saetta pixel doll by LadySeegard

Mature Content

Chibi character 14 poses by iSohei
People and Characters - sprites, portraits
Dark Souls - Smough by AlbertoV
Yuuri Ayase fan art by cococamo919
P!NK by Oodan5437
Sofia by RHLPixels
Ressources - palettes, tilesets
$5/500PT P2U BASE - ruff bois by SqdPxl
$5/500PT P2U BASE - sitting pretty by SqdPxl
$1/100PT P2U - eyes of the beast by SqdPxl
$5/500PT P2U BASE - H ORS by SqdPxl
Scapes and Scenes - backgrounds
dreaming of a blue lagoon by SqdPxl
Poo-chi by kicked-in-teeth
Tutorials and Steps
Color Study- Contrast by RHLPixels
Weapons and Armor
Mini Babes by Jackaloops
High Definition - realistic
Octobit day 31: Everybody dies by Retronator
Greetings pixel artists !

We've created a new folder called Newbie so that we could accept more submissions. Upload to this folder if your pixel art has one or more of the following problems: pillow shading, jaggies, too many colors. Basically if you're a beginner in this medium and want to improve submit to this folder so that your art doesn't get declined for the other folders.

Here's how to identify if your pixel art 'qualifies' for this folder & how to fix your pixel art so it gets accepted in other folders:

1. & 2. Jaggies, fix your lines !

3. Too many colors, reduce your color count ! Tutorials :

4. & 5. Pillow shading, blasphemy ! Tutorials :

6. Shape and shading, make your pixel art more realistic ! Tutorials :

AA tutorial :

If you think that your pixel art suffers from these symptoms, apply this short guide next time !

Cheers, realrhebok

P.S Join the discord server:
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Fdpa 7 by realrhebok
We would love to affiliate with your group!

We accept affiliations with other pixel art groups and with groups formed by active members. Send a note to realrhebok if you have any questions!


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